andi arroganti

Okay we used to drape these lost sound finds in a super duper musical interlude heading, which alas no one took notice of – indeed we are pulling your leg – just call it laziness but we did unearth this little obscure dandy – apparently released in 1982 – this is Andi Arroganti – no doubt hugely influenced by the Berlin crowd Steve Strange, Robot Roy – we made that one up and Billy Currie – blimey that is his real name, this is ‘benzin in berlin’ which we suspect Sigue Sigue Sputnik must surely has cast an ear over for ‘Love Missile F1-11’ – very much sounding of the day, no bad thing there especially if you’ve lain awake at night in your max factor eye squiggles cobbling together fantasy electro bands glued together by DAF and early career Depeche Mode types – I suspect a re-issue campaign is long overdue….

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