magic potion

Do quite adore the lazy eyed lying down staring at the sky watching the clouds trip by vibe smoking from this cutely off centred slice of hazily glazed wooziness. Swearing that they must have a loose connection to the once vibrantly ultra-hip Elephant 6 collective of Georgia, Athens (in fact they hail from Stockholm), ‘jelly’ really does sound as though its time tunnelled its way from some lost, now found, overlooked studio tape capturing a recording love in featuring a youthful gathering of Olivia Tremor Control and Of Montreal types crookedly crooning their way through a Pavement homage whilst blissing out on the softly reclined sounds of Thunders and Palladin’s ‘copy cats’. Anyhow this is the latest from Magic Potion via PNKSLM just ahead of the release of their debut album ‘pink gum’ shortly – and it is quite adorable.

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