dead leaf echo / the harrow

Those keen eyed among you might well recall us mentioning the Harrow way back in the midst of time when they appeared courtesy of the digitised Everything is Chemical imprint – a label who’ve somewhat fallen off our radar in recent times – with ‘ringing in the changes’ being if I recall rightly, if not our favourite song / single that year then very much certainly in the top 3. Since then, and much like the aforementioned Everything is Chemical label, we’ve lost touch with respect to recent progress, no doubt feted by the dream popping / chill wave cognoscenti, they’ve recently reappeared in our affections by way of an uber limited – and sold out on pre-order alone (another that we’ll have to source on inflation busting auction sites – ah well) – split lathe seven inch with another ensemble once regular visitors to these pages, Dead Leaf Echo. With its crystalline contouring and vapour waving minimalist sonic facia, ‘dirty minds’ evokes a parallel dream pop re-telling where comes fused the shimmering isolationist purrs of the Cure’s ‘pornography’ with the glacially spectral kiss of the Cocteau Twins ‘garlands’ set to the cold beauty of Pink Industry from out of which a seductive ghost light emerges and fades in a passing moment. Dead Leaf Echo’s ‘Child. Glass. Heart.’ follows a similar sonic trajectory, exerting a less is more dynamic, the detailing is stripped back to the barest of bones, traced in atmospheric poise with its ethereal setting cranked to maxima, its mystical soft psych angel sighs and twinkling shimmers exact a tenderness of touch beguiled in enchantment, mystery and desire.    




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