screamin popeyes

Another release we happily hooked up to courtesy of Mr Campau’s ‘tape of the month’ section of his living archive site was the acutely fried head trip that the Screamin Popeyes’ ‘save the brain forest’ – follow the links and there’s a back story to the releases recording by one of its co-authors Jeff Olsen that’s as strange and bizarre as the actual sounds manifesting on this rare as hen’s teeth cassette release. We must agree with Campau’s assessment of this having Zappian qualities in so much as there’s a sense of attempting to achieve a filmic theatrical dialogue albeit here as though fed at times through some impish Cardiacs overseen blender for between the overt prog overtures – clearly under the influence of Gong – there are detours into 80’s b-movie psyche that endows the set with distinct moments that have you feeling as though you are in the midst of a Cronenberg trailer, that said there are times of pure perky pop lucidity flashing through the tripped out hallucinogenia, itself nodding to a distantly coming Elephant 6 collective scene whilst ghosting its way through a road crook’d in the nightmaring afterglows of the Beatles’ animated lysergia, throw in some schizoid Devo-esque dialects, trace elements of the ‘remain light’ era Talking Heads not to mention a few dollops of Thomas Dolby albeit rewired by Was (not was) and you have yourself a comfortably numbing though clearly freaked listening treat.

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