Now you won’t be altogether too surprised to hear that the press release gubbins that came attached to this strange sortie somewhat managed to wrestle itself free, so while we set about getting you fab information about the whereabouts, wherewithal and all round general happenings surrounding duo Coims we’ll leave you to ponder the merits of ‘the anericam’ – I like that fractured play on ‘the american’. Not quite the old Simple Minds tracks retuned anew, this sore thumb is grimly gloaming amid what sounds for all the world like some primitive funereal retelling. Shunning any means of light, this shadowy curio arches and lunges to a mosaic of free spirited groans brought to bear by the intricate toning of sound manipulations carved of fretted instruments and various percussive objects, through the thickening primordial fog voices of ancient civilisations howl in ceremonial procession, its dark and dark tonalities not I hasten to add your happy shiny Sunday afternoon pick of the pops listening, rather more it should guarantee the quick exit of unwanted household visitors that is assuming that their usual ear candy doesn’t veer in the kind of sonic spectrums that have you imagining elements of a very youthful Black Heart Procession and Set Fire to Flames being choreographed by a particularly impish Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. We should and need to hear more I hear you hark…..all in good time my patient pretties.

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