A message from Chris Concretism to say that ‘telex ghosts’ is in fact the opening cut of a forthcoming vinyl offering – details to follow as they emerge. More pressing though is that typical of these things, trip over one concretism cut and another falls out of the sonic woodwork, this would you believe has been made available as a free download and deemed by its author as ‘not fitting in with the overall theme’ of the new album. ‘filia diaboli’ may well be his most realised outing to date in so much as it succinctly manages to draw on an ever widening spectrum of reference markers that range principally from the shadowy wastelands of 80’s sci-fi-tronia to apply a rapture like cosmidelic palette traced in lushly layered symphonian prog overtures and krautrock ghost lights that whisper and weave meticulously with impacting surround sound cinematics across micro sonic universes once frequented by the likes of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jarre, Zombi, fortdax and Magnetaphone.

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