josefin ohrn and the liberation vs. the gnoomes

New through rocket a by all accounts dandy split 12 inch that pairs together Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation with Gnoomes in a psyched out face off with each mixing the other into the bargain, this being the locked grooving hyperdelic frontal lobe frying ‘take me beyond’ of the former as recalibrated by the latter, all bliss blown deeply dug cosmic psych funk tripped in meaty motorik pulsars and celestial waveforms all hypnotically honed to ensure that your mind is well and truly wiped clean leaving you wondering in its aftermath what, why, where and who you are as you troop along happy as a sand boy. Take it from us that prolonged exposure may alter realities, hell’s teeth we’ve played the blighter twice on the trot and we’re already forgetting what…..hang on what were we talking about again…..   

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