Fancy something a little crooked and kooky, yet disarming and hopelessly adorable. This is Mandy and a teaser track – well two as it happens – peeled from their forthcoming ‘universe’ full length. Beneath the hazily lazy eyed innocence of these little nuggets, a tragic tale tearfully tugs away in the shadows for ‘universe’ is a posthumous account by duo Mel and Andy Fung recorded and completed in the lead up to Mel’s tragic passing from cancer in 2014. Rather than an epitaph, ‘universe’ is a celebration of a lost creative spirit for ‘for now’ dreamily decamps dazed and demurred upon a magical pea green boat trippily serenaded by a blissfully serene Discordia and captained by a youthful Toshack Highway all adrift and venturing to the mystical lands of Summerisle. Comes trimmed in a floaty folk effervescence that coos and yawns from a secret unseen lair located somewhere between Lisa O Piu and Laura J Martin all sumptuously wood carved, radiant and lolloping to a lineage that strays and steers its way to memories of the much missed Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. ‘Angela’ on the other hand is a totally differing beast, the first single taken from the album, is graced with a softly psych tweaked vintage fuzzy folk toning that curiously zig zags and orbits out of step and off pace as though a three way gathering of classic era Curved Air, Renaissance and Circulus types – indeed a very special release. Available via the bubblewrap collective. Artwork incidentally by Pete Fowler as though you needed further prods.


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