the eccentronic research council ft. Maxine Peake

The long overdue return of the Eccentronic Research Council with the superbly grim grinning ‘there’s a war on people going on’. This bleak account comes sparsely honed in apocalyptic clockwork chimes that imagine the disturbed future visions of Burgess, Orwell, Bradbury, Moore et al being played out for real by totalitarian governments and corrupting hierarchies masquerading as free democracy whose watchwords are fear, incitement and control. To the solemn grind of the tick tock waking call, Maxine Peake’s withering dialogue is delivered with dead headed humourist disquiet, its withering scorn a solitary dissenting voice in the fog as her disconnected disbelieving droned recital call out its reality check upon those who we entrust to guide our nation’s needs / prosperities. Only this isn’t an imagined bleak future world, this is now (migrants, religious ideology wars, the curbing of free expression). On a lighter note perfect for those attuned to the sounds of Duke St. Workshop and Concretism.

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