dream pop mix tape

Those of a dream pop persuasion might do well to hook up to a rather seductive and sublime set cobbled together by the folks at dream pop and shoe gaze daily at least that who we think it is. A delightful smattering of dream draped odyssey’s and hook laden power pop fuzziness is the order of the day on this 15 track bliss away mix tape. Among the roll call a veritable feast of grooves from the panic attacking siren sounding strut cooled call to arms cool kissed euphoric rush of Rhinosarepeopletoo whose ‘abbadon’ is a desirably affecting gem to the Stargazer Lillies drop dead gorgeous garage pop grooved lysergic hit that is ‘when with you’ – a kind of uber cooled dream ticket face-off between Kull and the Heart Throbs. Elsewhere there’s no denying that Swotlab have a fanciable attraction to all things My Bloody Valentine as evidenced on their rather dandy demo cut ‘you look so pale’ all of which should by rights have those still fondly mourning the passing of the Insect Guide skipping a heartbeat or three. Somewhere else there’s the shape cutting starry eyed space pop surge of Star Blood’s interstellar hyper voyaging ‘flower girl’ freefalling into the lunar lairs of the Fly and Slipstream while we here must admit to being mildly smitten by the vapour trailing chime chilled orbital that is the lovelorn rapture ‘infinite sunsets’ by the pink elephants while the dead mantras set parting ‘holy dawn’ initially acquits itself to sound as though it’s been cut from the same haloing murmur toning crush as that found loitering about releases bearing the name Dark Captain Light Captain before abruptly terra forming into a formidably radiant sonic storm to impact like a scalding variant of the Chameleons. Lest we forget the emerald down whose crystalline ‘caught a wave’ blissfully adores with forlorn fashioning that imagines some previously secret studio summit meeting between Chapterhouse and Slowdive. Presents for Sally – due to appear here later in the week with what promises to be a lilting listening treat in the shape of a split with 93millionmilesfromthesun via wrong way records – that is assuming we find the links – anyhow for now and from that aforementioned set comes ‘perfume boat’ – a deeply mellowing beauty trimmed and haloed in the softly bathed reflective swath of silvery shimmers of euphoric opines cosy toed upon seafaring trembles all bitter sweetly caressed and mournfully tugged and awash in the hazy rubbing of a post Hood Declining Winter in collusion with the Field Mice.  https://soundcloud.com/dean-bromley/sets/shoegaze-dreampop-psych

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