jean michel jarre vs. edward snowden

And finally. One of the annoying, okay disappointing aspects for us personally, resulting from the recent Record Store Day hullabaloo, was our pitiful failure in tracking down a copy of the limited 7 inch featuring Jean Michel Jarre’s collaboration with Edward Snowden. Again featured on Jarre’s second ‘electronica’ set, ‘Exit’ is a remarkable connection to the modern day symptom that is telling of an artist who at the age of 67 is still pushing the envelope and proving to be a vital forward thinking visionary, a socio – political commentary that centres and concerns itself with issues relating to personal liberties / privacy, the balance between what the state has a right to know and what the individual chooses to freely give up, surveillance and the overarching cloak of Big Brother that weighs freedoms against ease of access in a technological age. The floor thumping ‘exit’ is a street level buttoned up binary scrambling technoid head kick that translates into its matrix the speedy hysteria of the information highway and subsumes it into a ravenous call response overload that conversely plays out to classic era gaming principles, the time poor rush of modern day life and high octane espionage chase motifs, all the time like a spider at the centre of a web channelling the vibrations, the omnipresent droning pulse of a hive mind silently stirs.

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