jean michel jarre vs. gary numan

‘here for you’ can be found on Jean Michel Jarre’s second ‘volume of his extensive ‘electronica’ series; a superb collection of releases that finds Jarre a central figure joining the dots and celebrating, as were, the beauty and variance of sonic styles by reaching out to some of the most celebrated players on the electronic sound spectrum from across the ages. the project, an involved labour of love, avoiding the mere simplicity of file sharing, Jarre’s keynote remit was to meet in person his collaborators and forge a true and real creative understanding. The real success of the ‘electronica’ project has been Jarre’s ability to connect, assimilate and set his opposite number a familiar sonic landscape whose orbit is tilted as such that new hybrid worlds are forged that locate the players ever so slightly out-side of their comfort zone. ‘here for you’ his collaboration with Numan plays to his opposites strength in so much as it taps into Numan’s want for rebranding and revisiting his classic era trilogy – ‘replicas’, ‘the pleasure principle’ and ‘telekon’ – dragging them from the late 70’s and early 80’s hinterland and upgrading them so that they fluently speak in the same sonic tongue as that of his his latter day industrial toned dystopian recordings. And so with ‘here for you’ are found the current day Numan blueprints and recurring themes – salvation and redemption – here re-forged from 80’s motifs Jarre cleverly relocates Numan now with all the spectral ice toned trappings face to face with the isolationist Numan then.  


A short article in the Guardian – with an openly honest Jarre discussing the project and his career, quite insightful…..

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