games for may 1 – magic bus

Sunday May 29th marks the gathering of the psych prog clans, the first of the season’s celebrated all dayer’s curated by the esteemed Fruits de Mer sees them morphing musical minds with the ridiculously cool Mega Dodo folk for a feasting gala of sound, sights, records and rarities not to mention the now legendary goodie bag. Attending this happening, incidentally with live performances from Sendelica, Magic Bus, Soft Hearted Scientists and the Honey Pot, gets you a gratis copy of a DVD games for May 4-disc box inside of which you’ll find an ‘introduction to’ CD apiece dedicated to each of the bands doing strange seduction on the stage, the first of which up for a mention here comes courtesy of the Magic Bus. Magic Bus clearly grew up pawing copies of Terrascope whilst rooting through the Freak Emporium mail outs in the 90’s and ordering in a strange sonic soiree of eye swirling fringe flopping grooves and no doubt found skulking in the school music room cobbling out all manner of wonky weirdness to which masters and tutors alike might well tut and hold up as an example as to how not to play whilst secretly stroking their chin in admiration. For their craft is a multi-faceted tapestry morphing through the sonic seasons all indelibly rubbed in what are essentially fairy folk fancies daubed in mind altering mosaics procured from progressive witlings, bearded jazz recitals, psychotropically floral mystics and hazily glazed tripped out soft psychedelics left out a little too long in the west coast sun so that they warp and bleach to form crookedly kooky theatrical freak outs. Likely to appeal in equal measure to admirers of Jethro tull, focus and gong as they are to circulus, the zombies, murmurs of Irma and giant paw, magic bus sit in a delightful secret spot still, one imagines, wired and zonked out after a ride on Ken Kesey’s celebrated ‘magic bus’ – now do you begin to connect the dots. Upon this CD you’ll be greeted, serenaded and no doubt wig flipped to six faraway follies fancied and flowing in a surreal timeless rustic airiness all prized from their two acclaimed full lengths ‘magic bus’ and ‘transmission from sogmore’s garden’ along with two exclusive previously unreleased live recordings of ‘three days’ and ‘holy road’. Freakily fried head music in short.

Here’s a track they issued as a single via fruits de mer a little while back, alas not on the CD …..

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