orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

You’ll have to forgive my little indulgences, but this track crept up on me today while the Spotify player was set to shuffle, immediately it’s my teen self speaking to me in disappointing tones while lying sprawled across the floor doodling fantasy album covers and never to be seen music fanzines. There was so much hope, it was the beginning, the journey now is in its final straight, there’s a sense of overwhelming. This is ‘statues’ from ‘Organisation’ an album by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark worthy of not only revisiting, but being held up as a true classic that aside being adored in a bleakly sparse ambient beauty was hushed in the fragile whispering of emotional aftermaths and regret, apologies for the video, which totally misses the point and somewhat ruins the majesty and message, what next Elvis doing ‘hot dog’ with a mosaic of hotdogs from around the world, ooops they did that in the film didn’t they.

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