Games for May II – Sendelica

Back with that Games for May goody bag – available at the forthcoming all dayer at the Half Moon in Putney this Sunday. Sendelica are in need of no introductions here, these cerebral psychedelicists love to play with your headspace, they are the full shilling in mind altering immersive groove drawing elements of space rock, motorik pop, prog, psych, ambience, cosmic dub and weird folk into their terraforming tapestry. A very special head tripping happening here with ‘project M (a consterdine re-imagined trip through time and space – the Sendelica megamix)’ – like it says on the tin lid an astral magic carpet ride into the very centre of the Sendelica hive mind, where the worlds of Ozric Tentacles, Magic Mushroom Band, Embryo and Hillage / Gong converge into a hulking bliss tripped odyssey that drops in and out of consciousness as the sounds plucked from their vast genre defying 10 year back catalogue dissipate, dissolve and disappear into the gaseous ether though not before colouring and tweaking your synapses in a heightening state of free spirited fringe flipping fluorescent far out fashioning. So for the next 52 minutes expect perceptions and realities to bend, blur and bow amid a blossoming bliss traced cornucopia of chill waving wooziness that invites you to switch off the phone, disconnect from the now, hook up your headphones, crank up the volume, buckle in and ready yourself for a lushly technicolour trip into the unchartered terrains of your inner head space to explore the ultimate dream space with the added promise of the experience out chilling even the Floyd at their most stoned. Beards are an optional extra.    

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