Games for May III – The Honey Pot

And so we find ourselves gravitating back to that excellent Games for May 4-disc freebie being made available to all paying punters of this weekend’s Fruits de Mer and Mega Dodo double header at the Half Moon in Putney, this one an eleven track spectacular from the Honey Pot. A smorgasbord of fairy folk wig flipped psyched out trippiness primed with exclusives and live treats aplenty along with an ear candy adoring sneak peek teaser from Icarus Peel’s forthcoming ‘forget me not under pussy willow’ full length and a stray selection from Crystal Jacqueline’s ‘rainflower’. Honey Pot occupy a sun fried pastoral shade softly caressed in an anything goes sonic politick cross phrasing a richly hued harmonised and melodically high free spirited tapestry of west coast afterglows, delicately dazed psychedelics and smoked out bliss kissed dreamy pastorals sometimes metered in easy pop occasioned in strange mystiques. In Crystal Jacqueline they have an enchantress whose tones tune to an icy reserve that imagines Nico, Alison O’Donnell and Grace Slick as evidenced perfectly on the stately ‘Again…..dragonfly’ while in Icarus Peel a craftsman whose penning and turning of melodic phrase draws a subtle lineage to the likes of July, the zombies, the hollies, Traffic – none more so is this the case than on ‘psychedelic circles’ from the recently released full length ‘inside the while’ – and the Flamin Groovies whose indelible though distinct mark can be heard echoing within ‘Dave’s groove’ albeit off-set by an uber chilled tracing.    

Here’s the band in full on live resplendence performing ‘tick tock’ – alas a track not on the CD set – messing with your head or what…..

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