Games for May IV – Soft Hearted Scientists

Ah, Soft Hearted Scientists, the fourth and final ones to be mentioned courtesy of that quite superb ‘Games for May’ freebie set. These chaps hold a special place in our affections, it’s a place that was secured back in the early days of their initial trilogy of EP’s put out through the much missed My Kung Fu. In fact, our fondness extends to a prized hand written flyer for their debut album housed in a glass frame for posterity. All at once out of step and out of time, Soft Hearted Scientists occupy a strange magikal world far removed from the chasing pack of the contrary flag changing fashionistas idly whittling out surrealist pretties from beneath the shade of a mystic tree. It’s from here that they day dream a mellowing melodic mirage tweaked in vague suggestions of psychedelia oozed in a wonky eccentricity that’s softly faired in a lazy eyed pastoral wistfulness whose closest reference markers are hinted by way of a warped wooden sign pointing loosely towards Andy Partridge and XTC with several detours along the way to the sleepy sonic pastures of Murmurs of Irma and a ‘gigglegoo’ era the Freed Unit. ‘an introduction to….’ gathers a positive treasure trove of crookedly cooed peculiar posies, brief tastings of releases past along with three gems lifted from a forthcoming four side set entitled ‘golden omens’ which aside being prepped for fond mentions here soon has been laying siege to our in-house player and causing all to swoon with ‘people, cities and the silence’ included here arriving arrested in a picturesque rustic rubbing hinting of a certain Mr Fahey all sumptuously adrift a seafaring cloud watching serenely day dreaming motif.

Here’s a little video for ‘I wanted you’ – a track featured on the ‘an introduction to…..’ disc

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