the house of love

Following our mention of that rather spiffing House of Love covers set from the blog that celebrates itself entitled ‘soft as fire in the house of love’ – see elsewhere here – here’s three certified classics from Chadwick and Co…..

‘Safe’ – an absolutely stunning nugget hidden on the flip of ‘never’ which if I recall rightly was the bands choice for their first lead out single for their new label but they were out voted by new paymasters Fontana – Terry Bickers would soon leave…

‘the girl with the loneliest eyes’ – criminally overlooked, the Love at their most mercurial, majestic and mysterious, still stands the test of time and still sounds gloriously unreal…..

‘you don’t understand’ – what can I say, another lost single from 1992, a year that saw the band in their creative ascendancy, alas the nations want for 60’s shimmered guitar bands and dream pop was at odds and at the height of the great grunge grab led from afore by anything sporting a Sub Pop tag ….

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