the hanging stars

Their recently released ‘on a silvery moon’ full length – incidentally now going into its second press – the Hanging Stars piled high the grooves of their debuting full length with so much ear candy tastiness that the vote call for favourite cut of the set was so close we had to enlist the services of a single rizla paper to separate them. That said ominously ever present in the affection stakes, ‘she never sleeps’ gets its own centre spot having been prepped for release this coming week. In some respect the album’s sore thumb if viewed from a certain angle or the cut where the mood of the set overall naturally gravitates if read under a different light, whatever the case there’s no denying that this lolloping lazy eyed lysergic laced grifter comes deliciously moored upon a dizzying honky tonk motif all subtly grooved in a west coast haziness and kissed with all manner of sighing honey cut harmonies which if we didn’t know better we’d have said was the handiwork of the Summer Hymns in cahoots with the Blue Rags re-trimming 70’s era Beach Boys beauties. Nearly forgot, out via great pop supplement.

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