games for may – the fruits of the moor

Shimmering and aglow in the blanketing moorland mists where the ghosts of an England lost and the never ceasing beautified disturbia of rural idyllic cross paths to collide, the spectre of the black meadow haunts and enchants in equal measure, herewith a superbly sourced sonic serenade populated in the something eerie and the often inviting, a drawing echo, perhaps rather more, an aural rabbit hole magically conferring a chance to behold hidden sights of forgotten ways, customs and practices. These folk ghost lights come carved in a vintage likeness received of shared memories evoked by the pre industrial / pre digital looming shadow of mother nature. All gathering in celebration of the recent Fruits de Mer / Mega Dodo hosted ‘Games for May’ soiree, this ghostly enchantment features visitations from the invited live guests at this happening all-dayer – those being Soft Hearted Scientists, Magic Bus, the Honey Pot and Sendelica who are here found woozily boogying out to tripping T-Rexian mind fracturing mosaics – all accompanied for a Spring time homage by an assembled crowd whose harvest is bountifully weighted by the sighting of Peter Gabriel, Simon and Garfunkel, the Floyd – with Syd of course, the hare and the moon weirding out with Alison O’Donnell, Keith Seatman – admittedly it should said, even out ghosting Ghost Box, some Kid Moxie, a little Winterberry and more.   

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