may as well throw in a little V/Vm given we mentioned him in passing a little earlier, despairing to find that he’s pulled his website and extensive back catalogue, well to a degree that is – however a quick ramble over to brainwashed.com reveals that Mr Kirby has been busying away in the studio on all manner of projects the fruits of which are, hopefully, expected soon  for now a free download and something quite special to lug your lobes around – the first being the decidedly primitive tonal tongue of ‘white death’ which across nine tracks manages to cover a vast array of moods and sonic disciplines, the high point being the tear stained epitaph that is ‘the death of nilsen’ whilst ‘eager to tear apart the stars’ – removed of his V/Vm guise and instead released under his own name – finds him ghosting into the kind of neo classical terrains so oft delved by the likes of hibernate / arell with the celestial arc light that is the quite immaculate ‘no longer distance than death’ and the parting ‘my dream contained a star’ both nodding and encroaching respectively to Guthrie / Schnauss and Antonymes.



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