again you might have to forgive the fading memory, but I’m certain we’ve mentioned this in brief in a recent missive, anyhow without splitting any more hairs on the matter, this is rhododendron from their recent – the dare I say rather fine – debut full length ‘one’ for the acutely hip deep distance imprint, another of those Oliver Cherer projects (he never sits still does he) here teamed up with Darren Morris and opting to traverse back in time in their hastily cobbled home made tardis on regulo 1982 for a spot of weird ear electroid funk courtesy of ‘a foreign language’ which unless our listening lobes do deceive is crookedly cooled with the playfully peculiar abstractness of Landscape albeit here as though retooled and tutored by a rather off the wall minded Thomas Dolby clearly under the influence of Herbie Hancock.

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