Hopeless souls that we are, we’ve somehow managed to lose our download copy of Autodrone’s ‘the sea is killing me’ full length in our hard drive, I kid you not. So while we try to resolve this technical tedium here’s something a little tasty from it entitled ‘le voleur’. Now these dudes where something of a regular feature back in the day, a well chipped set in the shape of ‘strike a match’ preceded by a handful of killer self-released EP’s all had us a swooning, and then kaput without warning they strayed off radar. Until now that is, after a long hiatus – 7 / 8 years I’m guessing – they are back with what promises to be their darkest affair to date, if that is ‘le voleur’ is anything to judge by. Autodrone occupy the outer sonic spheres bridging a gap between the dream weaving tonalities of shoegaze and the brooding shadow play of positive punk – or goth – as it would later mutate, for despite its 80’s tattooing wherein they freewheel and shimmer to absorb and usher elements of Ex Post Facto and March Violets into their melodic matrix, ‘le voleur’ on repeat listens proves to be a most curious hybrid that coils around its shapeshifting tapestry subtle psych overtones and a shade adorning 60’s mystique which skirts to the edgier personas of Add N to X and death and vanilla.


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