If the teaser snippets are anything to judge by, then Camera’s forthcoming ‘phantom of liberty’ set for bureau b looks like being a full on krautronik head trip of some measure. Estimated date of impact August time, it finds them setting their mind expansive controls for a widescreen journey back to the golden age of kosmiche on a survey mission, as were, revisiting a vibe guided by clear reference to the navigational sonic points set for ages by the likes of Harmonia, Cluster, Neu! and La Dusseldorf. Three short and brief to the point intermissions from a future’s past feature here, the furious warp driven hyper ride that is ‘affenfaust’ translates old school ‘assault on precinct 13’ era Carpenter collages in the Teutonic tongue of eat lights become lights while cosmic juggernaut ‘nevernine’ is your full throttle no nonsense heads down Tangerine Dream refitted with turbo boosters. All said though, with its purring planetary pastorals, we here are more than a little fond of the demurring dream dinked orbital that is ‘reindenken / raus’ which opts and serves up safe haven for a chance moment of starry eyed reflective bliss.


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