glitter wizard

Label double header time, cardinal fuzz and captcha in shock ultra-limited pink wax repress of glitter wizard’s blink and it went debut album ‘solar hit’ from 2011 – now this stone heads is the real ticket, a whacked out woozy mind tripping progressive psych stew done by a freak collective who we suspect pack in the kind of ‘herbal’ punch into their peace pipes that would frankly floor a rhinoceros and several large mammals who just happened to be passing, what you are listening to, while a beard is forming upon your chin and your legs are growing denims with patches to boot, is ‘warsawng’ which in truth sounds as though its stepped straight out of a primordial fog of ’69, ultra-heavy, dark, totally wasted, a sonic spell – call it what you like, one thing is for certain is that this baby comes from an era where bands knocked out riffs that become the foundation stones to religious cults or at the very least did brisk business in t-shirt sales. Total badness.


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