vic mars

Described rather quaintly and by our reckoning self depreciatively as a collection of ‘electronic warbles’, this is a band camp only digital set by the celebrated Vic Mars entitled ‘plant life’, a serenely affectionate ten track gathering that finds itself rooting through the wild undergrowth hand picking a sonic posy twinkled in minimalist analogue murmurs pocket pressed in a lost electronic vintage all dreamily demurred in a vibrantly affectionate and perky peculiarity that tunes itself into the more playfully wheezing and woozy secret hidey holes of the expanding Ghost Box rural landscapes – see ‘life cycle’ – very Belbury Poly – while simultaneously drawing close comparison to the sparsely woven kookiness of ISAN’s rather wonderfully cute ‘digitalis’ set (while you are there also throw in a smattering of plone for good measure – as on ‘biomes’)– none more so is this evidenced than on the delight lunar orbital that is ‘ecotone’ . in short something that ought to equally engage those of you admiring of the fond Radiophonic idents from yesteryear (‘whorl 1 and 2’ very Delia / John Baker), those curious souls among you digging lounge kosmiche lilts (‘plastic trees’) as well as the kitsch retro / Trunk record enthusiasts (‘sprites’ – see midwich youth club). Essential as though you needed telling.

Plant life cover art

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