hoofus / ix tab

Been an age since we featured anything by the front and follow crew, so much so that we half feared they’d hung up their head phones and called it a day. Therefore, you don’t need me telling you that interests were piqued in the Sunday experience record shed upon hearing new of the first release in a planned ongoing series of split adventures called ‘the blow’. A bit like Fat Cat’s own seminal split series of the late 90’s / early 00’s which was dusted down recently only to disappear again – mind I’ll have to check on that last point. This series pits two similarly minded artists on opposing wax sides to populate the grooves as they see fit and to then collaborate on a fusion piece or three. ‘volume 1’ finds Hoofus pitting their wits against IX Tab for a set that’s currently being showcased on ‘the Wire’. Hoofus appear to operate on the dark side of Ghost Box’s ever expanding sound universe crafting imaginary soundtrack idents disturbed by 70’s flashbacks and clearly absorbed within a mind-set assimilated to the BBC Radiophonic hive matrix, we here being a tad fond of the wonky lunar fisher price tech styled orbital lilts of ‘salvage and reclamation’ which has a distinct minimalist feel of plone being re-tweaked by Isan about its wares. IX Tab operate in more cinematic climes, the bruising grace applied to ‘the early owl’ is both touching and humbling, the atmospherics intimate and somewhat dreamy are ghosted by the immersive flow of spectral drone swathes interspersed with disembodied conversations. Paired together the two parties quickly hatch a middle ground to create something acutely playful and sparsely dinked in a gloopy psychotropic eeriness that might have some of you thinking it had headed out of the Frank and Wobbly sound shed, at least that’s how the head fracturing ‘street dreaming’ initially appears high on chemical reactions and clearly schooled in mid career Cabaret Voltaire listening. That said ‘dirty mushroom’ trickily navigates a mutant technoid mainframe that recalls a clearly zonked out and impish Wagon Christ being flung as were, into an Add N to X sonic spin dryer.  http://www.thewire.co.uk/audio/tracks/listen-to-ix-tab-hoofus

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