wyrd britain #10 – alan gubby

Stirring amid the genteel calm of a snoozing rustic, Mr Gubby of Buried Treasure fame winds up the stereophonic time travelling turntable for a warping wax wander uncovering the strange, the forgotten and the eccentric among the thickening wild undergrowth of this nations secret sound hidey holes. Behind the quaint and quirky picture postcard posies, beyond the vintage crackle of Lonnie Donegan, Noel Coward and Ivor Cutler platters aboard a surreal sight-seeing open top, a curiously affectionate jaunt through England’s forgotten past tours the beautiful, the strange and the haunted in the company of a crooked assembly of players from reginald bosanquet, cabbage head, john baker, private eye et al. Through the apertures of time, the tranquil peace of chiming tea cups and forest nature sounds is disturbed by the shadowy gloaming of communications from beyond the veil the visitations of konstantin raudive, revbjelde and dolly dolly and the electronic kookiness of the radiophonic subliminals of Alan Sutcliffe whilst soothing the bucolic brow moments of the serene swirl in the arriving company of the fair land follies of Tristram Cary, ron geesin and Basil Kirchin, along the way some TV21 twang from Ted Taylor Four, an always welcoming appearance by Vini Reilly and Laura J Martin, this good folk is the latest oddness from Wyrd Britain in their acclaimed series of guest presenter headed infrequent transmissions. https://www.mixcloud.com/quietworld/wyrd-britain-10-alan-gubby-guest-mix-buried-treasures-albion/

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