the tuesday club

superbly abrasive and angular re-reading of the Ants immortal ‘zerox’ from prickly pop upstarts the Tuesday Club. Indeed we have taken the eye off the ball in recent times, our horror compounded by the fact that this lot have been kicking out releases at a furiously head turning rate of late – all of which we’ll seek to squeeze in on occasion here over the coming times. For now though this rather spiffingly spikey salvo, as said a cover of the Ants legendary ‘Zerox’ found here hooking upon the kind of day-glo grooving that was the trademark sound of their former incarnation the Scratch. Of course ‘Zerox’ ought to need no introduction. before the days of dandy highwaymen, apache ants and pantomime, Mr Goddard obsessed over the human condition dissecting its seedier incursions marrying his observations to a sound frenzied in schizoid art pop. Left in the hands of the Tuesday Club they faithfully fry the frenz quotient tightening up to ratchet the grip and pinch upon the psychosis levels to warp the senses appreciably like a seriously wired version of Spizz Energi. Class then.

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