wyrd daze lvl2 issue 6

Latest issue of the multi media sound art resource / publication ‘Wyrd Daze’ is ready for memory upload, this particular issue Lvl 2 issue 6 features a hive of creativity with guest feature spotlight duties being handed over the Implicit Order whilst there’s a lengthy interview with Philip Gerber – he who is head honcho over at Alrealon Musique when that is, he’s not reigning apocalyptic testament terrors upon your listening space as John 3:16. Elsewhere there’s a heartfelt dedication – 2 in fact – on the recent passing of Sylvia Anderson and her true place and visionary relevance in the whole TV Century 21 universe and of course all the usual pulse feeling peers into the future of underground sound along with the by now, customary WD EP, this particular edition made up of five disparate souls operating on the edges of the populist radar, the set opening to the star formed symphony that is the ghostly enchantment brought to bear by Oat Oaks, a forlorn chill  toned lunar twinkle that had us much in mind of a futurist visitation of Clock DVA. Next up Douglas E Powell and the Rising Spirit step up to the plate with ‘good ol’ twine’ – reflective, intimate and daydreaming, Mr Powell’s delicately dinked country folk craft coming etched and stirred in a drifting melodic warmth honeyed in a bitter sweet cloaking that’s softly soured yet all the same tugged in the kind of sighing vulnerability recalling both stillman and the Katie winter. ‘so this is dubhop’ finds regular visitor around these here parts Black Saturn in lighter moods almost threatening to go over the top to sneak an ambitious peek into mainstream sound. Adored in a cutely affectious calypso grooving trimmed in summery detailing, there’s a kind of playfulness abound as Mr Jackson takes up the self-appointed role as jah preacher / watchman of the generation. Those preferring their sounds stilled grimly in apocalyptic groans and dead headed in the eerie unrest and ice gouged haunt of the underworld, in other words stuff best viewed trembling from behind the sofa preferably in daylight, might do well to take your chance with K. Finrir’s obliquely doomy ‘night gaunts’ which by these ears sounds not unlike a chance meeting at a purgatory pit stop between Soriah and blue Sabbath black cheer. Drawing matters to a close the implicit order sidles by with ‘will you take me all the way’ – a briefly passing shimmering orbital as were in eclipse formation, growing ever stately in dimension, depth and definition as it hovers ever closer showering all in celestial harmonics before drifting off into the darkening voids. https://wyrddaze.wordpress.com/

Hippo Daze

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