taste of blues / osamu kirajima

continuing our ongoing series of ‘albums no one told you about and you never knew existed’ parts 78 and 79, here’s two nuggets from the late 60’s and 70’s that you won’t find championed by the pedestrian pop press. We’ve said for years that you tube is becoming the digital equivalent of the older brother syndrome or the cool considerate behind the record store counter taste maker in so far as guiding ears to new found sonic discoveries – these two releases in particular ought to appeal to the record heads of the Fruits de Mer extended family – first up the wigged out improve lounge jazz psych strangeness of taste of blues with the wilfully oddball ‘schizofrenia’ – absolutely freaky stuff and then not to be outdone how about some jazz prog exotica courtesy of Osamu Kitajima with ‘benzaiten’ which in truth you might want to roll up a fat ‘un to truly benefit from dipping your headspace in, very stoned and mellowed.



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