the polymer cities

more texture and mood based than previous incarnations, this is the first transmission of the polymer cities the proposed next generation or rather more sonic upgrade of the expansive sound world of Allan Murphy as he rests operations on his Midwich Youth Club alter ego. This two track teaser collectively titled the ‘organic plastic single’ features ‘welcome to the polymer cities’ and ‘maglev’ – the former a bowed lullaby indelibly dinked in familiar minimalist pastures that eerily hint of fracturing parallel time lines crossing over to blur established memories and realities, its Oriental mosaics glazed in paused hushes endow it with a serene majesty that aside hinting heavily of Eno and Yellow Magic Orchestra also irrefutably ghosts the grooves much like a ‘tin drum’ era Japan set to work rephrasing the considerably stronger instrumental side of Mr Bowie’s ‘low’. Moving in opposite directions, the latter mentioned jiggly wiggles to the more playfully minded moments of the lounge funk quirkiness that crookedly caressed the grooves of ‘dots and loops’ era Stereolab flip sides.

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