silver apples

our day was buoyed several fold by news of a new Silver Apples full length. Arriving September time coinciding with tour and festival dates, the chicken coop imprint, Simeon’s in house label, will be releasing ‘clinging to a dream’ – first new album in nearly two decades no less. Alas no sound links with which to regale and radiate your listening space, safe to say a few treats here have already achieved adored status following limited outings on the enraptured imprint, one of which, the opening cut ‘the edge of wonder’ is a misty eyed future echo that’s ghosted in sepia trimmings beneath which the minimalist electronic warbles of their classic late 60’s selves are harvested amid a demurring lullaby lilt that hovers and pulses hypnotically upon a celestial sea faring mosaic of skewed west coast tonalities and spectral pastoral posies. Alas no sound cloud links just yet but here’s that Simeon dude performing said cut at last year’s Halloween festivities in Austin, Texas.

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