secret pyramid

please don’t ask me where we picked this one up from, I assume one of those face book postings that we regularly find ourselves tripping over of late, starts quietly as the late great Mr Peel would no doubt have remarked, yet once into the groove, there’s something majestic and poised afoot here that’s stilled in a graceful knowing that draws you like a moth to light to speak without words to your inner self. A ghosting, a passing celestial visitation or post-apocalyptic epitaph to an end game, call it what you will, what can’t be denied is the silken surround sound cinematics at work as the opining waveforms weave in mournful formation delicately caressing every inch of space in a momentary haze of heavenly radiance. From a cassette entitled ‘distant works II’ – this is Vancouver based sound alchemist secret pyramid with the mesmeric ‘VII’.

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