the wedding present

Is it just me that thinks the new teaser track heralding the shortly to arrive new full length platter from the Wedding Present, has a distinctly stepping back in time aura of ‘seamonsters’. Only Darren Hayman comes close proximity to astutely articulating the bruising of relationship fall outs, though even he’s managed to find alternate outlets by jumping in and out of bands with various folk whilst dressing up as a crotchety penguin and going off obsessing about trains. Gedge on the other hand, is the perpetually wounded, to him the scab that is boy meets girl / boys loses girl is an itch it seems, that he can’t stop scratching. And so with ‘Bear’ we freefall into familiar territories, though this time it’s a maturing Gedge we encounter who in past encounters, it might be fair to say, was prone to heart breaking resignation, here however, there’s evidence of a weary acceptance, the pain though distant is here haunted by a more intimately personalised dissection of loss, more so, a caught in a quiet moment casual reflection. As to the sound, typically spikey, caustic though irrefutably a bitter sweetly tanged slice of prickly pop of the type that’s been the hallmark signature of the Weddoes through the years, the riffs twist and tangle in mood swerving volatility to reach breaking point at the 3.42 wherein everything including the kitchen sink comes crashing in a final stormy crescendo, damn fine by our reckoning and before we forget ripped from a forthcoming ‘going, going…..’ set due September…….  

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