Ridiculously chipper and incurably addictive not to mention impossible to sit still during the playing of which without the need for nailing distracting limbs to the floor, this be the new thang from Astralasia on, from what we can gather, the recently dusted down Magick Eye imprint. A five track happy pill entitled the ‘Cheesy’ EP featuring songs old and new, some borrowed and none of them blue, in short more feel good radiant sun stolen loveliness here than the entire under the counter display of a local high street pharmacy, the blighters ought to consider bottling the blighter. Of course it’s all a bit tongue in cheek but then Astralasia and the whole Magic Mushroom Band collective never really went to script, they just went their own way and dragged you along permission or not for the ride. ‘happy song’ opens proceedings, does as it says on the tin craftily tweaking elements of the Seekers’ effervescently sun shiny swinging 60’s signature from ‘Georgy Girl’ into its mainframe and wrapping it up in a furiously freaky fun filled flotilla of floor flipping fizziness. Next up long time firm favourite ‘sul-e-stomp’ gets an upgrade, oh man am I having Cuban Boys flashbacks big time here, irrefutably daft and cute, like an e-tripping Sesame Street tag time on speed doing floor burning shape cuts to bonkers barn dance workouts – I blame McLaren. Another oldie, which if memory serves me right first reared up on a Fruits de Mer outing a little while ago, a cool as f*** lolloping hippy trippy trance toned take of Jonny Leyton’s immortal ‘johnny remember me’ with added Ghost Rider guest appearances which here appears twice in not only its original re-drill take but also as a galactic giddy up whereupon Swordfish and Co apply the dub plates for ‘Johnny in Space’ to get all astral arabesque on your ass not to mention a bit Joe 90-ish it should be said. Last and by no means, surely in tune ears will marvel at the rephrasing of Space’s classic ‘magic fly’ – originally out in the late 70’s, the Astral dudes go all hyperreal culturing a head expanding dream weave of kraut kooled euro disco chic – yes I know they were French d’oh – into the bargain welding to the celestial orbita,l milky flotillas of psychotronic baubles before calling in the Landscape boffins to work their warp drive woozy futuro engineering.

Here’s a little of ‘sul-e-stomp’ – prepare for head scrambling…….


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