karen gwyer

Ripped this from a latest posting by norman records, this being imminent on their ever essential in store imprint public house recordings. From what we can gather this ‘un originally appeared in cassette form via opal, all 50 copies long since have flown the coup and no doubt the object of feverish desire on online auction sites. By Karen Gwyer, ‘kiki the wormhole’ gets a once only strictly limited to 240 copies wax pressing, a mammoth psychotropic head trip that fuses drone draped dialects with hybrid techno tongues, one we suspect ripe for head phonic investigation in so much as that way you get to astral plane amid its subtle free spirited amorphous shape shifts. ‘you big’ as showcased here, is the case in point, a micro-lite immersive head tripping dream machine where the mind massaging mosaics flicker, flirt and form gently to the subtle shift of tonalities whereupon the locked grooved etchings and cosmic chorals assume a kind of kosmiche hymnal whose vintage minimalist patterns emerge from the dark side, as were, of the art of the memory palace while piloting into the kind of terrains populated by the motorik quarter of both the deep distance and blue tapes imprints, this is in essence Balearic grooved brain food for the binary age.

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