This has been the cause of all manner of admiring glances since arriving within our listening space this last day or so, new thing from the highly thought of SeaWitches through emerald eye (itself a nod to the classic open eye imprint). This be ‘tempest’ a prowling post punk sore thumb that had we not known better, might have suggested it’d had fallen from a forgotten early 80’s rain drenched mid-week Peel playlist, for this shadow playing slice of coolly fractured chill toned chic comes ghosted in the kind of darkly wiring isolationist psychedelia that hints of a lost Liverpool scene where the echoes of both Ex Post Facto and Pink Industry find themselves populating the overcasting northern night skies with search light distress call signs through a narrowing icy prism whose edgy and claustrophobic sonic landscape is pared and parched upon the minimalist mainlining of a pre ‘pornography’ Cure and a ‘movement’ era New Order. Quite essential if you ask me.

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