ben chatwin

Don’t suppose you’ll be too surprised to hear that we’ve managed to momentarily lose sight of the press release that came attached to this beauty. Fear not we will be revisiting this in full at a later time whereupon we’ll populate words of fondness with oodles enough of information to cause your head to pop. Imminent on ba da bing – at the fall of July – will see the arrival of a new solo set from Queensferry, Scotland based sound alchemist Ben Chatwin entitled ‘heat and entropy’. These days found moving away from his Talvihorrus alter ego, ‘heat and entropy’ finds Chatwin evermore pushing the old ways of classical technique and appreciation into a modernist setting, utilising a dulcimer on the teaser track ‘inflexion’ he conjures up the familiar lilt of a music box charm, appearing both hypnotic and innocent, the melodic murmurs craft a child-like sound carousel of dancing patterns beneath which, a shadowy sinister stirring awakens whose eerie trickery creeps and creaks with clock working macabre as it groans and grows in density and definition. Something, we hasten to add, that ought to be of interest to those admiring of Goblin and Grails.  

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