Scotty Moore RIP

Not like we need a reason to feature Elvis in these pages, but in a week when the latest ‘Elvis is alive’ reports buzzed around the social networks – he’s a gardener at Graceland’s – yep that works for me, obvious when you think about it, the smiling to turned to sadness at the news of the passing of Scotty Moore. With Elvis from the start, with the Jordanaires, Scotty forged the founding sound stones of rock n’ roll. For me personally though, it was ‘hound dog’ that always bit the hardest; listening to Peel in the early 80’s I remember him remarking about New Order’s ‘age of consent’ commenting upon a moment near its mid-way point where the jangling strum suddenly tightens for a moment and sighing that for him that ever so brief sequence was the finest he had heard in all his years of record listening, so likewise with me, ‘hound dog’ for all its feral grooving is immortalised by the detuned phrasing that occurs at the 1.21 mark – for one younger listener sitting close adoring of the sounds crackling out of my mum’s record player, this simple and subtle moment of angular defiance was for me, the birth of punk. Rest in Peace Mr Moore.

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