the luck of eden hall

So here we are back as promised, with that corking limited edition release from the luck of eden hall. Not due for a few weeks, ‘the end of the lane’ offers a ghostly visioning of progressive psych and finds them shifting from a point of being mere classic to something approaching the sublime. With its dreamy dissipates and impeccably mellowed craft ‘the end of the lane’ is a hallucinogenic trip-a-delic overture, more so, an experience founded in the finest tapestries of English psych eccentricity. Morphing trademark tLoEH signatures of yore, ‘Lane’ free spirits its way through a lysergic sonic fracturing that’s haloed upon the elemental fusion of progressive / psychedelic dialects, its mind expanding journey proffering a kaleidoscopic palette daubed in colourised textures that subtly point with a hazy nod to the likes of ‘SF Sorrow’ era Pretty Things, Floyd, ELO and the Zombies albeit gathered exquisitely and spoken in an ‘on the Sunday of life’ era Porcupine Tree tongue. the release arrives in a strictly limited wax press in both blue and black variants and is the latest instalment of Mega Dodo’s acclaimed singles club. For further information and ordering details go to

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