live footage

Quite tasty and into the bargain catching us on the hop, this is a sneaky peek of a cut culled from a forthcoming planetarium records 10 inch by post rocking cosmic heads live footage. Entitled ‘moods of the desert’ this being ‘view from a desert helicopter’, live footage are Brooklyn based duo Mike Thies and Topu Lyo who together craft the kind of head expansive hypnotic grooving that, had you not known any better, would have no doubt suspected had been quietly germinating and mutating under specially incubated sound laboratory conditions in a basement in Berlin ready to be harvested to wax by those in tune Bureau B types. Recommended for head phonic seduction, ‘view from a desert helicopter’ provides for a gorgeously shimmery slice of expansive kosmiche, its bitter sweet reflection tempered tearfully by the sensitive slow phrasing of altering modulations whose effect, though spectral, carves and navigates a sumptuous and beautifully yearning surround sound cinematic vibe that’s all at once crushing and stately.  

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