don’t know about you, but with what appears to be the seams of the country fast unravelling what with political ineptness being the summers latest fashion accessory, sorry did I say summer, we can’t even get that right at the moment, which talking of the right, who in all honesty let the idiots take up the battle cry and the upper hand. And as for the football, really don’t get me started, let’s just recommend a quick reference to Danny Baker’s volcanic twitter feed and I’ll say no more. So in the space of a week we have gone from Great Britain to Little Britain yet without the gags, that said I do say ‘gags’ with a measure of bewilderment and a large side serving of tongue in cheek.  Would it be right to say we need a bit of a mood lifter, something to make you beam with pride, a unifier, an anthem, a cavalry cry. Hello Slipstream, blighters have had this tucked away in the dark for a while waiting for the call from the subs bench, ‘what I want’ be its name, heading out from a forthcoming full length – date of contact to be arranged. A fist clenching, chest beating battle cry from the streets, hope for the disaffected wrapped in a searing strut gouged grooving tailored in the finest ear pinching Slipstream trademark trimming all scowled in a bracing blast of disbelieving, disenfranchised and seething tension from a forgotten and ignored populace whose pride and soul has been robbed stripped bare and fettered away by the greedy, the feckless and the upper classes. Sorry did I forget to say it was good.   

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