urusei yatsura

they were geeky, gnarled, goofy and grooved in greatness, the band your older brother hated but secretly taped and bragged to his friends behind your back of his adoration in an attempt to secure kool kudos; both discordant and desirably schizoid, Urusei Yatsura didn’t so much cut a dash through a bloated sixties obsessed 90’s indie landscape but rather more set the blighter ablaze kicking, scuffing and skewing the outer edges along the way, petulant sore thumbs who see sawed perilously upon a sonic axis that teetered closely to shambolic, a Scottish Sonic Youth who pricked the ears of a certain John Peel and became the first band since the Undertones to record a Peel session outside of the Maida Vale studios. Thought missing in action, Rocket Girl emerge from out of hibernation with a dandy neon pink wax set featuring a gathering of BBC radio sessions from Glasgow’s finest entitled ‘you are my Urusei Yatsura’ due for release this coming September – a little taster to get you swooning, here’s the gloriously prickly and perfect ‘plastic ashtray’ – just to add to the chaotic charm not the version found on the album this being a Radio Scotland take…… https://soundcloud.com/uruseiyatsuraband/plastic-ashtray

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