folklore tapes – calendar customs

as always you might have to forgive us a moment because, due to an obvious lack of anything resembling organisational skills or a filing system (we can but dream of these mere peripheral tools of professionalism), we’ve managed to forget or book mark the link from which we stumbled across this. Now folklore tapes have been mentioned on several occasions in these pages, such mentions are usually prefaced by us complaining – or more so, mourning thee fact that by the time we stumble upon said goodie, that they’ve long since flown the coup and become things of objectionable costliness on various online auction sites. Anyhow this is an extended snippet from their ongoing ‘calendar customs’ series, an audiological sound book that seeks to explore and research the arcane facets to do with the passing seasons of the countryside / the land and the lengthening shadow of the myths, customs, pagan rituals, games and rites of passage entwined within. Now up to the fourth instalment – ‘crown of light’ sets its sinister eye on the cycle of midsummer to provide a ghostly mirage of, what on the face of it, are quaint customs and quirks, behind whose smile and merriment lies a macabre mural /history of death, blood and sacrifice. So for the next six minutes, be transported to the land of green whereupon jigs, costume and the ways of the old come eerily devoted to the watching shadow of nature, where the innocence of folk stories is blurred by the resonant groan and prowl of death, where the rambling country paths by day chirp and charm with welcoming invitation to manifest by night in a haunting shadow forming trap.

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