‘nice song, shame about the video…..’

More a moment of light relief, but we happened across Not the Nine O’ Clock News’ hilarious new romantic pastiche ‘nice video, shame about the song’ earlier today and found ourselves ruminating on exactly who it was they were having a pop at, of course the internet age being as it is awash with information, both useless and useful tit bits, and yes it would have been easier to busy away 10 seconds of my life to research the answer, we felt such rummaging would have detracted from the fun and cringing horror of re-watching videos that haunted our youth. So here’s three horrors of visual pomposity, not an Adam video in sight, in order ascending order of daftness – just between you and me the Classix one just about manoeuvres to include every known cliché in the new rom book of video presentation – gothic building, pouting, co-ordinated vogue, enigmatic camera shots at distance, comical fight scene, point the camera at me singer / star / ego complex, bored looking girl…..we could go on but I guess you’ve got the point…..     

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