the fruits de mer records guide to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy…..

Blimey, no sooner do we despatch the games for may goodie sets, then along comes Fruits de Mer’s summer collection, an ear feasting three pronged singles selection as ever all pressed up in limited quantities and all arriving in bespoke coloured wax variants. First up on the turntable rack the much touted ‘the fruits de mer records guide to the hitchhikers guide to galaxy’ EP. The label had been by and large fairly tight lipped about this release until recently which has served to only heighten and exasperate our itch to hear it. Features three unique differing takes / perspectives on one of TV’s most recognised and dare I say, legendary theme tunes, ‘journey of the sorcerer’ – better known of course as the theme from Douglas Adams’ ‘the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’. Originally appearing on 1975’s ‘one of these nights’ (the album immediately preceding their worldwide money printing quadruplateen zillion selling ‘hotel California’ set), the track by the Eagles was chosen by Adams who reportedly wanted something that sounded both ‘sci-fi’ and gave the feeling and sense of ‘travelling’. The EP finds said cut handed over for re-interpretation by a specially selected troop of cosmic free spirits with Astralasia being first to take up the baton, who in turn apply all their cosmic head expanding reserve into engaging the infinite improbability drive to appear inside your headspace sweeping up the grey matter and giving it a much need and rather fetching kaleidoscopic make over before applying warp drive thrusters to have pinging like a pinball around the realms of inner space upon a turbo charged Silver Surfer-esque sonic board. Icarus Peel on the other hand puts said track through the bliss blender on a hot cycle only forgetting to take it out on time and leaving it emerging in to the daylight slightly freaked and fried for the experience, a kind of head tripping cosmic fairground ride or more rightly an absolutely freaky and wigged out sonic space dub bong. Ramping up the fuzzing sci-fi-tronic twang-a-rama quotient to maxima, blue giant zeta puppies round out matters with their intergalactic b-movie styled space spy meets Man or Astro Man re-tooling by effecting a deliciously dream machining dark star hypno-groove that imagines ‘mission impossible’ gone Martian. The release comes replete with a bonus CD featuring a wealth of similar covers and various mixes from the likes of Quantum Surf Rocket Garage Dolls, Astralasia and Sendelica’s Peter Bingham – phew.  

And as for the original, well that goes a lot like this……

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