sidewalk society

In case you thought we’d forgot, here’s the third and final platter of that FdM singles summer parade. Again another superbly cut covers set this time featuring Sidewalk Society cutting it up in fine style with a brace apiece of The Action and Bowie grooves. The exquisitely faithful re-visiting of Bowie’s ‘can’t help thinking about me’ initially appeared on last year’s members club freebie ‘fashion’, a stunning 60’s beat grooved dandy, clipped and studded with an abrasively cool Who styled Mod-ness all kissed with a knowing swagger and an astute aloofness. Admittedly ‘let me sleep beside you’ is a curious choice however they thin and clean up the original to rephrase it in a hazy soft psych vintage with much aplomb. Strangely enough though it’s the Action covers that provide most interest here in so far as the bands remit, by their own words, was ‘to bring them into a more fully formed state’. Both cuts from their latter career, featured on the ‘rolled gold’ sessions. In particular, it’s the parting ‘strange roads’ that shines the brightest and gets our vote for being the sets best track, a strangely becoming hybrid of pub rock and power pop vibes indelibly mellowed in a 60’s sheening but aglow in a curiously free spirited fuzziness that imagines an early 70’s styled Beach Boys shimmying up to 10cc with a subtle side serving of Brinsley Schwarz types, all lying forgotten in a studio vault until being discovered and polished anew by a studio gathering of doleful lions and kingsbury manx folk. Not that ‘look at the view’ is any slouch in the shade adorning stakes coming on like a sun fried slice of radiant west coast effervescence cooked up by a Byrds / the creation face off.  As ever limited issue and on coloured wax to boot.

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