le syndicat electronique

For most of a certain vintage, our first exposure to electronic sounds would have invariably, been attached to the realms of sci-fi / horror b- movies / tv through the prism of the bbc radiophonic workshop or glimpses of the future via Sylvia / Gerry Anderson’s extended TV21 universe, by and large perhaps because of this, many of us have a disconnect to the warm fluency of electro pop preferring our sounds grimly grinned in icy overtures that hint of secret bleak histories or of robotic futures to come and with that revealed in their basest and more forbidding / foreboding minimalist toning. We say all this because by way of the revolutions per day blog we were introduced, albeit a little late in the day given they’ve – well in truth he, Alexandre Grand of Invasion Planete Recordings – has been issuing releases unbeknownst to us for the best part of a decade as Le Syndicat Electronique. Based upon a monochrome toned terms of reference, Grand crafts ghostly analogue apertures cooled in mechanoid murmurs, future echoes that glower with cold war paranoia spun upon dystopian visions trimmed in eerily macabre musical clock working charms whose sparsely industrialised minimalist threading chills with an wearily haunting emotional hollow much like the Normal redrafting the score for ‘Halloween III’.


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