plum pyne thornton trio

Venturing ever close to the Goon-ish craft of a youthfully playful Volcano the Bear, this is a rehearsal take from the Plum Pyne Thornton Trio, which we suspect will, at some point in the near future rear its beard stroking crookedness on the foolproof projects imprint just when you least expect it. Entitled ‘do you think they’ll mind if I take off the front of the piano’ – it’s a curiously whacked out slice that blends, fuses and skedaddles its way through a teetering minefield of freeform no wave, primitive chamber groove, throat chants, art pop, art jazz, boogie woogie and all round general lunacy with unhinged aplomb not to mention a dollop of disinterest to form or fashion and which at times has the delightful effect of bordering on the edge of collapse whilst impishly wearing its inside ov a butchers shop affections on its sleeve along with a grinning nod to Henry Cow. Consider yourselves well warned.

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